Boat Show in Genoa

Meridiana Orientale at 58° Salone Nautico di Genova

This year, Meridiana Orientale srl, a company that manages the Marina of Rodi Garganico and the Marina del Sole of Chioggia, is the guest of Assonautica at the 58° Boat Show in Genoa, at Stand W42-Sailingworld (Piazzale Marina). It will be represented by the sole administrator Masiero Marino, as well as Vice President of Assonautica Venezia. A special edition that takes place this year, after the tragic collapse of the Morandi Bridge a month ago. A thought goes to all the families of the missing persons and to all those who have lost a house in the incident.

“Every time it is emotion and responsibility blended together. We have a duty to make boating accessible to all. Only then will we have a country that makes social, cultural and economic profit 8000 km of coastline. Only then can we help to revive a country continually in apnea. From next Thursday, for a week, I have the task of representing Asonautica VENEZIA, the section of Chioggia and that of Rodi Garganico at the boat Show in Genoa. To the representatives of the Government and of Parliament that we will meet we will give a strong message: The blueconomy can help to raise the fortunes of Italy but they need streamlined and dynamic legislative and actuative tools. They serve free zones on the coast, reducing the costs of the state and the time of the bureaucracy, a norm on the Boat & Breakfast, a school program with international training of the future seafarers, simplified nautical licences to add to the credits Training in high schools, compulsory public communal slides, ports accessible to the disabled, training for serious and qualifying work, foresteries and port sports facilities compulsory with discounted state rates.
I thank my Presidents Roberto Magliocco and Alfredo Malcarne for the Great trust given me. “

MASIERO MARINO, Vice President of Assonautica Venezia

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